Artifact: Data Migration Specification
This artifact contains the data profile of the data sources that will be migrated and the mapping between the data sources and the target database.
Domains: Analysis and Design
Work Product Kinds: Specification

The main purpose of this artifact is to describe data sources to be migrated and to specify the mapping between the source data and the target data. It will be used by the Designer to design any automated data migration software components.

Brief Outline

1. Introduction

  • Scope of the migration

2. Data Profile

  • Data Systems

  • Data Attributes Profile

  • Data Attribute Dependencies

3. Data Mapping Table

Representation OptionsUML Representation: Not Applicable.

The Data Profile can include or reference a Data Model, if a Data Model exists. Manually created/maintained data models may need to be updated to correctly reflect the current data. It may also be helpful to create a data model by reverse engineering. For more information, see Guideline: Reverse-engineering Relational Databases.