Checklist: Service Model
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Check Items
Ensure Service Model has a Service Portfolio
Each service model should have a portfolio view that illustrates the set of services identified by the project.
Ensure Service Portfolio is Categorized as Required
The services within the portfolio should be categorized according to at least their Functional Area, also other schemes as appropriate (see Concept: Solution Partitioning).
Ensure Service Exposure Decisions are Documented
Exposure decisions (from Task: Apply Services Litmus Tests) are key to documenting the set of services that move from candidate state to development.
Ensure all Service Dependencies are Documented

Service dependencies have significant impact on service reuse and design, all dependencies should be documented.

Identify all Composite Services (and Associated Flows)
Identify any services which are to be developed as composite services, ensure that any associated flows are also included.
Ensure all Non-Functional Requirements are Documented

Even if the service model itself only contains a summary all non-functional requirements for the identified services should be captured (they may be documented in a requirements management tool).

Ensure all Message Specifications are Documented
The service model itself may only have reference to message schema if these are documented/captured in an external format however all messages should be included in the service model if only a name/description pair.
Ensure State-Management Decisions are Documented
All state management choices for identified services should be documented explicitly.