Report: Service Dependencies
This report describes the service model comprehensively, in terms of the dependencies between services. If you are using packages, the document shows the model structure hierarchically. The report can be used to describe the entire service model at different stages: during elaboration; while looking at the existing service portfolio to identify dependencies on services you may use; and during construction, when the design is complete, to report on the dependencies on services you have designed. This report is used by various people interested in the service model such as software architects, use-case designers, designers, testers, reviewers, and managers.
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Main Description

1. Brief Description
An Introduction to the service model.

2. Service Specification Listing
This section presents the service specifications hierarchically, explains the dependencies among them, and shows the content of each package.

If the model has several levels of packages, those at the top-level are presented first. The packages within these are presented next, and so on, all the way down to the packages at the bottom of the hierarchy. For each service the following will be provided:

  • Its name.
  • A brief description.
  • The name of its service provider.
  • The name of the service specification it implements.
  • The name of any service specification it requires.
  • The name of any service channel that connects it to other services, also the name of the service on the other end of the channel.
  • The name of any service partition in which the service appears.

3. Diagrams of the Service Model
The diagrams, primarily class diagrams and composite structure diagrams, of the entire service model are included here.