Artifact: Service
This artifact is a model of the core elements of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). A service is provided by a service provider and is an instance of a service specification.
Work Product Kinds: Model Element

The following people use the services:

  • Implementers, for an understanding of the roles the service plays and how the Service Specification is used by the service.
  • Designers of other services in the understanding of the collaborations in which services participate.
  • Use-case designers to represent them by example in use-case realizations.
  • Those who design the next version of the system, to understand the functionality in the service model.
  • Those who test the classes, to plan testing tasks.
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Process Usage
Main DescriptionThe service model element provides the end-point for service interaction (in web service terminology) whereas the definition of these interactions are a part of the service specification. In the model a service not only identifies the provided interface, but may also identify required interfaces (such as callback interfaces).
Representation OptionsUML Representation:

Port (UML 2.0), stereotyped as <<Service>>. A Service shall realize an Interface stereotyped as <<Service Specification>>.


allowedBindings : [*] String - denotes the allowed platform binding mechanism a channel may use in connecting to the service; examples might be SOAP-RPC, SOAP-Doc, HTTP-Get, and so on.


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