Artifact: Service Gateway
This artifact looks very much like a service-model element except that it does not represent an end-point in terms of implementation of a service specification because it only forwards messages from the boundary of a service partition to a service enclosed within the partition. In this way, it allows for partitions to strictly define their interfaces in terms of service gateways.
Work Product Kinds: Model Element

The following people use the service gateways:

  • Software Architects, for an understanding of the communication between partitions.
  • Implementers, for an understanding of mediation requirements between partitions.
  • Those who design the next version of the system, to understand the composition of partitions and services in the service model.
Container Artifact
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Port, stereotyped as <<Service Gateway>>. Its type shall be a Service Specification and it shall only be used on Service Partitions.


allowedBindings : [*] String - denotes the allowed platform binding mechanism a channel may use in connecting to the service; examples might be SOAP-RPC, SOAP-Doc, HTTP-Get, and so on.

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