Artifact: Service Partition
This artifact is a model element that provides a logical grouping for service providers. The grouping is logical in the sense that the partition structure may reflect a system structure that will impact the way the physical system is deployed or it may represent a structure that has no impact on deployment, such as the ownership of services by organizations.
Work Product Kinds: Model Element

The following people use the service providers:

  • Software Architects, to allow for the logical partitioning of a solution and for the definition of interfaces between such partitions.
  • Designers of services, in understanding logical organization of the solution.
  • Those who design the next version of the system, to understand the functionality in the service model and specifically the logical architecture.
  • Those who test the classes, to plan testing tasks.
Container Artifact
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Main Description

A partition represents some logical or physical boundary of the system. It is optional to model partitions but useful. For example partitions could be used to represent the web, business and data tiers of a traditional n-tier application. Partitions might also be used to denote more physical boundaries (such as my primary data center, secondary site, customer site, partners and so on), in which case the crossing of partitions may have particular constraints for security, allowed protocols, bandwidth and so on.

A partition may only have properties that represent nested parts, be they services or other partitions. Note that this is a constraint -- no other elements may currently be represented in a partition.

A partition also has the notion of being "strict", a strict partition ensures that all communication between it and peer partitions takes place through service gateways. To ensure this a partition should ensure that all parts have visibility 'private' and therefore no peer partition can directly access them.

Representation OptionsUML Representation:

Class, Component or Node, stereotyped as <<Service Partition>>. A Service Partition shall not have any operations or attributes, shall not have any specified behavior and shall not realize any interface. Any Port on a Service Partition shall be stereotyped as <<Service Gateway>> and any composite structure shall only specify parts that are Service Providers.

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