Guideline: Builds for J2EE Applications
This guideline discusses builds in the context of a J2EE application development effort.
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Main Description

The definition of Build is provided in Artifact: Build, and can be summarized as "an operational version of a system or part of a system".

In a J2EE project, a system-level build is typically composed of a J2EE application (see Guideline: J2EE Application), but may also include:

A subsystem-level build is typically composed of one or more J2EE Modules, but may encapsulate databases and other files.

Builds are created by integrating components. In a J2EE environment, this typically means assembling J2EE Modules and J2EE Applications. For more information, see Guideline: Assembling J2EE Modules and Guideline: Assembling J2EE Applications.