Guideline: Integrating Subsystems for J2EE Applications
This guideline discusses integration of subsystems for a J2EE Application.
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Main Description

Integrating Artifact: Implementation Subsystem for a J2EE Application involves assembling the individual Artifact: Implementation Element that make up the Implementation Subsystem (e.g., J2EE components and their initial deployment descriptors) into a J2EE Module (or set of J2EE Modules). The resulting J2EE Module(s) represent the Implementation Subsystem's Build. For more information on Builds for J2EE Applications, see Guideline: Builds for J2EE Applications.

The assembly of the individual Implementation Elements may require some reconciliation between these elements, and the results of the integration are captured in the resulting J2EE Module(s) and their deployment descriptors. For more information on assembling J2EE Modules, see Guideline: Assembling J2EE Modules.

The resulting J2EE Module(s) and their deployment descriptor(s) then serve as input to subsystem integration testing.