Activity: Fix Defects in Components
This activity completes a part of the implementation so that it can be delivered for integration.
Extends: Implement Components
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In this activity:

  • The implementers write source code, adapt existing source code, compile, link and perform unit tests, as they implement the elements in the design model. If defects in the design are discovered, the implementer submits rework feedback on the design.
  • The implementers also fix code defects and perform unit tests to verify the changes. Finally, the code is reviewed to evaluate quality and compliance with the Programming Guidelines.
Event DrivenYes
Multiple Occurrences

The tasks carried out by the implementer tend to be done by a single person. The review task is best carried out by a small team staffed by cross-functional team members, typically more senior members of technical staff with greater experience into common problems and pitfalls encountered in the programming language. Special expertise may be required in the problem domain, as is often the case in systems involving telephony or devices with special interfaces. Expertise in specific algorithms or programming techniques may also be required.

Usage Guidance

The review task is best done in several sessions, each focused on small sections of the system or on specific issues. The goal of these sessions is to identify specific problems in the code that need to be resolved, not to resolve them on the spot; resolution discussions should be postponed until after the review. More frequent reviews which are smaller in scope are more productive than less frequent sessions which are larger in scope.