Activity: Prepare Environment for an Iteration
This activity prepares the development environment for a project for the current iteration, where the development environment includes both process and tools.
Extends: Prepare Environment for an Iteration
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The purpose of this activity is to ensure that the project environment is ready for the upcoming iteration. This includes process and tools.
Parent Activities

For each iteration, this activity is focused mainly on:

  • Completing the Development Case to get ready for the iteration.
  • Preparing and, if necessary, customizing the tools to be used within the iteration.
  • Verifying that the tools have been correctly configured and installed.
  • Preparing a set of project-specific templates and guidelines to support the development of project artifacts in the iteration.
  • Make sure that all the changes made to the project environment are properly communicated to the project members.
Event Driven
Multiple Occurrences

A Process Engineer is responsible for completing the Development Case. It's unusual that one individual can master all disciplines of software development, therefore, it's important that the process engineer consults experts, both within and outside of the development organization.

The development of project-specific templates and guidelines can be done by several people. There is no need for detailed knowledge of the process to develop these project-specific artifacts.

There are normally several individuals who act as Tool Specialists. Each individual is then responsible for one tool or a group of related tools.

Usage GuidanceAs the name implies, this activity is performed at the beginning of every iteration.
Key Considerations

This activity is recommended for any project, although the described tasks may be performed somewhat informally in some types of projects and may be considered part of the on-going support of the project environment. For more information in this ongoing support, see Activity: Support the Environment During an Iteration.