Capability Pattern: Transition Iteration
This is an example Transition Phase iteration. It includes the activities typically performed during a single iteration in the transition phase. The focus of the transition phase is to ensure that software is available for its end users. The transition phase can span several iterations, and includes testing the product in preparation for release, and making minor adjustments based on user feedback. At this point in the lifecycle, user feedback should focus mainly on fine tuning the product, configuring, installing and usability issues, all the major structural issues should have been worked out much earlier in the project lifecycle.
DescriptionWork Breakdown StructureTeam AllocationWork Product Usage
Event Driven
Multiple Occurrences
Usage NotesThis capability pattern can be used to quickly construct a Transition phase iteration in a delivery process.  Copy or extend the pattern repeatedly to create as many iterations as necessary for the particular delivery process.  Be sure to copy or extend the entire pattern, so you will also get the activity diagram for the iteration.