Checklist: Workload Analysis Model
This checklist helps make sure that the Workload Analysis Model is complete.
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Main Description

When evaluating the workload analysis model, it is also a good idea to ensure that plans are in place to test the system against performance requirements, and that there are plans to validate system performance estimates using architectural prototypes, especially for performance-critical requirements.

Check Items
All nominal and maximal performance requirements are specified
Performance requirements are reasonable and reflect real constraints in the problem domain
their specification is not arbitrary.
The workload analysis model provides estimates of system performance that indicate which performance requirements, if any, are risks
'Bottleneck objects' have been identified and strategies defined to avoid performance bottlenecks
Collaboration message counts are appropriate given the problem domain
Collaborations appear to be well-organized and as simple as possible.
Executable start-up (initialization) is within acceptable limits as defined by the requirements