Tool Mentor: Analyzing Test Failures using Rational TestManager and TestFactory
This tool mentor describes how to use Rational TestManager, Rational Robot and Rational TestFactory to analyze automatically generated Test Scripts that uncovered errors.
Tool: Rational TestFactory
Main Description


This tool mentor is applicable when running Windows 98/2000/NT 4.0.

To use Rational TestFactory, Rational Robot, and Rational TestManager to analyze the automatically generated test scripts, do one or both of the following:

1.  Analyze a Test Script that uncovered a defect

As described in Tool Mentor: Implementing Generating Test Scripts Using Rational Test Factory, a Pilot is the Rational TestFactory tool that automatically generates Test Script. For each defect it encounters while it is running, a Pilot generates a "defect script," which contains the Test Script statements that cause the defect to occur.

When a Pilot finds defects during the run, the Test Script that uncovered defects are located in a separate "Defects Found" subfolder under the run folder. You can use Rational TestManager to view the run log for the Test Script that uncovered defects.

Help icon Refer to the View the log for a script run topic in Rational TestFactory online Help.

2.  Analyze a Test Script that uncovered an unexpected active window

During Test Script generation, a Pilot can encounter an "unexpected active window" (UAW)-a window that reflects an inconsistency between the UI objects in the application map and the controls in the application-under-test (AUT). One of two conditions can cause the Pilot to encounter an unexpected active window:

  • The AUT contains a window for which there is no corresponding UI object in the application map. A typical example of this condition is a message window that is not uncovered during mapping.
  • A UI object in the application map represents a window that is no longer in the AUT.

Whenever it encounters an unexpected active window, the Pilot generates a "UAW script" and places it in the Pilot run folder. You can play back a UAW script in Rational Robot, and then use Robot and Rational TestManager to determine the cause of the unexpected active window. After you resolve the cause in Rational TestFactory, subsequent Pilot runs will not encounter the unexpected active window.

Help icon Refer to the following topics in Rational TestFactory online Help:

  • Find the cause of an unexpected active window
  • Resolve an unexpected active window