Tool Mentor: Executing a Test Suite Using Rational TestFactory
This tool mentor describes how to use Rational TestFactory to create and run a Test Suite.
Tool: Rational TestFactory
Main Description


A "Test Suite" is the Rational TestFactory element that lets you arrange and execute a suite of Test Scripts. This TestFactory element lets you organize Test Scripts, execute them in a batch as a Suite, and then analyze their code-based test coverage.

This tool mentor is applicable when running Windows 98/2000/NT 4.0.

To use Rational TestFactory to execute a suite of Test Scripts:

  1. Create a Test Suite of Test Scripts
  2. Execute the Test Suite

1.   Create a Test Suite of test scripts

A Test Suite object is a container to which you add the Test Scripts that you want to run as a batch. The Test Suite can include Test Scripts recorded in Rational Robot as well as Test Scripts generated in Rational TestFactory.

Test Suites are used to organize and execute groups of best scripts, defect scripts, and scripts created against a specific Build of the application-under-test (AUT). The Test Scripts that you include in the Test Suite remain linked to the Test Suite object. You can execute the Test Suite as a regression Test Suite on future builds of the AUT.

Rational TestFactory provides two methods for creating a Test Suite:

  • You can let TestFactory create the Test Suite automatically with selected Test Scripts.
  • You can manually add a Test Suite object to the application map and then populate the Test Suite with Test Scripts.

If you want to analyze the code-based test coverage for the Test Scripts in the suite, you must instrument the AUT before you run the Test Suite. Rational TestFactory calculates code-based test coverage for Test Scripts only if the application is instrumented.

Help icon Refer to the following topics in Rational TestFactory online Help:

  • Test Suites: What they are and how they work
  • Working with Test Suites
  • Viewing code coverage for a Robot script
  • Instrumenting the application-under-test

2.   Execute the Test Suite

When you execute a Test Suite, Rational TestFactory executes each Test Script in the Test Suite in the order in which it appears in the Test Suite list. If the order of the Test Scripts is important, you can reorder them before running the Test Suite.

Help icon Refer to the Run a Test Suite manually topic in Rational TestFactory online Help.