Tool Mentor: Submitting Change Requests Using Rational ClearQuest
This tool mentor describes how to submit a change request or defect by using Rational ClearQuest.
Tool: Rational ClearQuest
Main Description


ClearQuest stores change requests in database records. The ClearQuest administrator can create different types of records for different purposes and different projects. Each record type has can have unique fields and data requirements.

ClearQuest makes it easy for users to submit, modify, track, and chart change requests as they move through the change request management system.

The ClearQuest administrator can create a custom set of record types. You can use one record type, such as a defect, for all change requests, or you can use different record types for different purposes, such as enhancement requests, documentation request, and more.

Tool Steps

helpbook icon See ClearQuest online Help > Contents and Index > Working with Records > Submitting Records.