Artifact: Test Design
This artifact describes the structural test elements and the realizations of the test cases.
Domains: Test
Work Product Kinds: Model Element
  • To enable testing of the already identified test targets.
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Main Description

The Test Design incorporates all the decisions regarding the test structural elements and their collaborations, required to enable testing of the already identified targets. This work product drives the test implementation activities and increases the testing focus during the design and implementation.

Brief Outline

For each target test item, all the test mechanisms should be identified and described and all the test responsibilities have to be assigned to the appropriate test structural elements. For each significant test case, the design should specify how is realized in terms of collaborating elements, using collaboration or/and sequence diagrams.

Representation OptionsUML Representation: Package.

The level of formalism could be reduced in order to accommodate smaller or low-ceremony projects.

This work product is often regarded as being enclosed in the Design Model

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