Artifact: Test Evaluation Summary
The Test Evaluation Summary organizes and presents a summary analysis of the Test Results and key measures of test for review and assessment, typically by key quality stakeholders. In addition, the Test Evaluation Summary may contain a general statement of relative quality and provide recommendations for future test effort.
Domains: Test
Work Product Kinds: Assessment

The Test Evaluation Summary collects, organizes, and presents the Test Results and key measures of test to enable objective quality evaluation and assessment. The Test Evaluation Summary also presents an interim evaluation from the test team, indicating their assessment of the software against the Evaluation Mission and corresponding recommendations the next test efforts required.

Representation Options

The level of formality and presentation format for this work product vary widely. Some produce simple text document reports whereas others produce full-fledged presentations. Both formats may be useful to emphasize certain critical test cycles and de-emphasize others.

The Test Evaluation Summary may be enclosed as part of another evaluation document such as the Iteration Assessment or Review Record

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