Artifact: Test Interface Specification
This artifact specifies the provision of a set of behaviors (operations) by a classifier (specifically, a Class, Subsystem or Component) for the purposes of test access (testability).
Domains: Test
Work Product Kinds: Specification
  • To provide a means of documenting the special requirements of the test effort that will place constraints or additional requirements on the design of the software.
Main Description

Test Interface Specification are used in situations where aspects of the system that do not normally have visibility must be observed, or where control of the software is required in a way not normally available through the standard interface. Each test Interface should provide an unique and well-defined group of services.

See Guideline: Interface for additional information on the purpose and definition of interfaces.

Brief Outline

Each Test Interface Specification should consider various aspects including the following:

  • What is the nature of the interface? For example, does it allow dynamic two-way communication, does it provide individual real-time status feedback or, once activated, does it simply log information passively?.
  • Under what circumstances will the interface be used? Be sure to consider concurrency and access methods.
  • What ability is needed to activate and deactivate the interface?
  • What control is required to raise or lower the level of detail of the output from the operations provided by the interface?
Representation OptionsUML Representation: Interface 

See the Artifact: Interface for ideas on Interfaces that can be applied to tailoring the Test Interface Specification.

Optionally enclosed in the Software Architecture Document, Design Model or the Supplementary Specifications.