Artifact: Test Script
This artifact is a step-by-step instruction that realize a test, enabling its execution.
Domains: Test
Work Product Kinds: Solution
  • To provide the implementation of a subset of required tests in an efficient and effective manner.
Main DescriptionTest Scripts may take the form of either documented textual instructions that are executed manually or computer readable instructions that enable automated test execution.
Brief Outline

Each Test Script should consider various aspects including the following:

  • The basic computer hardware requirements; for example, Processors, Memory Storage, Hard-disk Storage, Input/ Output Interface Devices
  • The basic underlying software environment; for example, Operating System and basic productivity tools such as e-mail or a calendar system
  • Additional specialized input/output peripheral hardware; for example, Bar-code scanners, receipt printers, cash draws, and sensor devices
  • The required software for the specialized input/ output peripheral hardware; for example, drivers, interface and gateway software
  • The minimal set of software tools necessary to facilitate test, evaluation and diagnostic activities; for example,  memory diagnostics, automated test execution, and so forth
  • The required configuration settings of both hardware and software options; for example, video-display resolution, resource allocation, environment variables, and so on
  • The required "preexisting" consumables; for example, populated data sets, receipt printer dockets, and the like.
Representation Options

Manual Test Scripts may be documented using some form of text document, spreadsheet, or table, or using a specialized test documentation support tool.

Automated Test Scripts may be created (recorded) or automatically generated using test automation tools, programmed using a programming language, or any combination of the above. The Test Scripts may be modified to include programming concepts, such as referencing common function libraries, using variables, loops, and branching to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and resilience of the scripts.

In certain cases, it will be appropriate to use automated Test Scripts as informal, transient resources, avoiding the effort and cost of maintaining them.

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