Artifact: Use-Case Realization
This artifact describes how a particular use case is realized within the design model, in terms of collaborating objects.
Work Product Kinds: Model Element

The purpose of the use-case realization is to separate the concerns of the specifiers of the system (as represented by the use-case model and the requirements of the system) from the concerns of the designers of the system. The use-case realization provides a construct in the design model which organizes work products related to the use case but which belong to the design model. These related work products consist typically of the communication and sequence diagrams which express the behavior of the use case in terms of collaborating objects.

Representation OptionsUML Representation:

Collaboration or CollaborationInstanceSet, stereotyped as <<use-case realization>>. 

Use-case realizations express the behavior of a set of model elements performing some or all of an Artifact: Use Case. As a result, there should be a use-case realization for each use case which needs to be expressed in the design model. Similarly, if use cases are not used, then use-case realizations will also be omitted.

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