Tool Mentor: Create a Complete Regression Test Script Using IBM Rational Functional Tester
This tool mentor describes how to use IBM Rational Functional Tester to create a complete regression test script.
Tool: IBM Rational Functional Tester
Main Description


One major aspect of quality appraisal is the assessment of regression tests. At some point in the testing effort, you will want to run a regression test on a baseline of expected behavior on your application under test. Regression tests can be run at different levels (see Concept: Levels of Test for additional information) and at different stages in the test lifecycle (see Concept: The Lifecycle of Testing). It is therefore important that a testing tool facilitates creating test regressions. This tool mentor describes how to create a regression test by means of running collections of test scripts with the callScript capability of IBM® Rational® Functional Tester.

Tool Steps

To create a regression test script using Rational Functional Tester, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a Regression Test Script
  2. Run a Regression Test Script

1. Create a Regression Test Script

  1. Right-click the project file in the Projects view and select Add Empty Script
  2. Give the regression script a name indicating that it is part of a regression test and click Finish
  3. In the blank regression script, with the cursor placed within the public void testMain(Object[] args) method, right-click a folder in the Projects view
  4. Select Insert contained scripts as "callScript"
  5. Select Yes in the dialog box
  6. Rational Functional Tester inserts a callScript command for all scripts in the folder that you selected

2. Run a Regression Test Script

  1. With the regression script highlighted in the Projects view, right-click the script and select Run in the context menu
  2. You can now assess the regression in the Playback Log, which indicates whether everything has passed

For more information on recording and interpreting scripts, refer to the topics Recording a Script and Viewing Results in the Log in the Rational Functional Tester online Help.