Tool Mentor: Create a Test Project Using IBM Rational Performance Tester
This tool mentor describes how to use IBM Rational Performance Tester to create a performance test project.
Tool: IBM Rational Performance Tester
Main Description


A performance test project allows you to locate your performance testing artifacts centrally. You can use the performance test project as a basis for capturing test artifacts for the performance test effort. From the IBM® Rational® Performance Tester project, you can create artifacts such as project folders, performance schedules, performance test reports, data pools, performance tests, StatCon files, and others. To begin you performance testing, you need to create a performance test project.

Create the Performance Test Project

Performance test projects are containers for performance tests.

A performance test project is a project created with a source folder. You can store performance tests in standard projects that contain source folders.

When you create a project, Rational Performance Tester provides a convenient wizard option for beginning to record a test. You have the option to record the test at this point, or to record the test at a later time.

To create a new performance test project and optionally record a test:

  1. Select File > New > Performance Test Project.
  2. The New Performance Test dialog box opens.
  3. If the New menu does not display the Performance Test Project option, this indicates that you are not in the Test perspective. You can switch to the Test perspective, or you can select File > New > Other > Test > Performance Test Project. Whichever way you select this option, it switches you to the Test perspective.
  4. In the Project Name field, type a name for the project
  5. Click Finish. The project is created, you are switched to the Test perspective, and you are asked whether you want to record a performance test now.
  6. If you click Yes, the Create Test wizard starts.

For more information on recording a test, see the topic Recording a Test in the Rational Performance Tester online Help.