Guideline: Deploying J2EE Modules and Applications
This guideline discusses how to deploy stand-alone J2EE Modules and J2EE Applications to an operational environment.
Main Description


This page contains guidelines on deploying stand-alone J2EE Modules and J2EE Applications to an operational environment. The environment may be a development environment, test environment, or the customer installation site. The details of deployment vary depending on the application and the environment, and usually requires the use of vendor-specific tools. However, these guidelines provide a general outline of the required steps, including installing, configuring, and launching the application.


The following are performed when installing the J2EE archives into the deployment environment.

  • Identify the files to be deployed (a specific Build in the Configuration Management Repository).
  • Preconfigure any required resources like database connections.
  • Transfer the archives to the target hardware (should be specified in the deployment model and/or in installation instructions).
  • If the target hardware is a test configuration, perform any additional required installation instructions as specified in the test configuration.


The target hardware and software environment are checked to make sure they are properly configured in accordance with the installation instructions, including resolving any external dependencies, ensuring that security roles are mapped onto user groups and accounts in the target environment, and the setting up of other applications and resources that interact with the J2EE application, such as legacy systems, databases, and shared services and libraries (e.g., third-party JAR's for Web Services and XML support).

If you want to debug the application, debugging should be enabled on the application server. Usually, this requires restarting the application server in debug mode, which will be described in the application server documentation.


The application is launched, so that is is available for use and or testing.