Artifact: Sprint Backlog
The sprint backlog is the list of tasks that the Scrum team is committing that they will complete in the current sprint.
Work Product Kinds: Scrum Work Products
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Main Description

Items on the sprint backlog are drawn from the Product Backlog, by the team based on the priorities set by the Product Owner and the team's perception of the time it will take to complete the various features.

It is critical that the team selects the items and size of the sprint backlog. Because they are the ones committing to completing the tasks they must be the ones to choose what they are committing to.

The sprint backlog is very commonly maintained as an Excel spreadsheet but it is also possible to use your defect tracking system or any of a number of software products designed specifically for Scrum or agile. An example of the Sprint Backlog in Excel looks like this:

Sprint backlog

During the Sprint the ScrumMaster maintains the sprint backlog by updating it to reflect which tasks are completed and how long the team thinks it will take to complete those that are not yet done. The estimated work remaining in the sprint is calculated daily and graphed, resulting in a Sprint Burndown Chart