The Premium Calculator Wheel

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The Wheel

Are you working in the insurance industry and still using one of those big-old-fashion RONOCO Calculator Wheels? Dream of a better way...

Those large 10-1/2" diameter calculator wheels (at $75 each) are, as they say, simple to use and save time in figuring additional and return premiums along with cancellations.

BUTů they are large 10-1/2" wheels, and they don't save as much time as possible compared to having a program that runs on your computer and provides every factor possible in less time than determining a single factor using a manual wheel.

Get a 90% Short Rate Method "Wheel" with 1-year license for individual use for only $59.95. Renewals are only $9.95/year and will include any upgrades. For orders of 6 or more, please ask about discount pricing.

Are you curious about the wheel and want to try it out first? If you are then ask for a trial version. To get your trial version simply send a request to with Trial Wheel Request in the subject line, only one trial request per email domain please.

Click here to start your trial request email. I will provide you a download link for your trial. When purchased, I will provide an update to the program so that it will show your name where you otherwise see "Evaluation Version".