Work Product (Artifact): Operation Realization
This artifact describes how a particular operation is realized concurrently across multiple viewpoints in terms of collaborating elements. The non-functional requirements associated with the operation are also realized.

The purpose of the operation realization is to describe the "white-box" perspective of the (sub)system under consideration, separating the concerns of the specifiers from the concerns of the designers.

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Main Description

An operation realization has the following outline:

  • Operation Name
  • List of subsystem operations realizing the operation, organized by elements specific to each chosen viewpoint: subsystem (logical), locality (distribution), worker (worker), process (concurrency)
  • A budgeted requirement for each [subsystem operation, associated non-functional requirement] pair

The realization is performed concurrently across the elements identified during Architectural Analysis and includes the realization of the non-functional requirements associated with the operation. The typical diagrams employed are communication and sequence diagrams which describe the behavioral aspects in terms of collaborating elements.

Key Considerations

The designer is responsible for the integrity of the operation realization, and ensures that:

  • The operation realization correctly realizes the behavior of its corresponding operation.
  • All the chosen viewpoints are addressed and there is at least one realization per viewpoint.
  • The associated non-functional requirements are correctly budgeted across the subsystems operations.
  • The operation realization is properly documented and the correspondent diagrams suit their purpose.
  • The realization associations are correct.
Representation Options

An Operation Realization is a multi-dimensional realization, one for each viewpoint. At the minimum there will be at least one Logical realization for each Operation.