Role: Capsule Designer
This role designs capsules, ensuring that the system can respond to events in a timely manner, in accordance with concurrency requirements.
Main Description
Multiple Occurrences

The skill set required for the capsule designer role is similar to that of the Role: Designer (the capsule designer is a kind of designer), however, the capsule designer role requires more experience in handling concurrency issues. The capsule designer must have a solid understanding of the types of problems that surface in highly concurrent, reactive systems and the various approaches for addressing these problems. Required skills include understanding the resource issues involved in creating, destroying, and synchronizing operating system processes and threads. In addition, the capsule designer requires an understanding of handling state-dependent, and event-driven behavior in software systems.

Assignment Approaches

In systems that have a significant event-driven portion, there may be one or more dedicated capsule designers that focus on the design of capsules. However, on most projects, the person or persons that act as capsule designers are also responsible for other design work products such as classes and subsystems. See Role: Designer for more on role assignment approaches to designer roles.

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