Role: Project Manager
This role plans, manages and allocates resources, shapes priorities, coordinates interactions with customers and users, and keeps the project team focused. The Project Manager also establishes a set of practices that ensure the integrity and quality of project work products.
Main Description

A Project Manager applies project management knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of tasks in order to meet requirements and to deliver an end result for a particular project.

Multiple Occurrences

The following skills are recommended to fulfill the Project Manager role:

  • experience in the software development lifecycle, the domain of the application and platform
  • scope estimation, planning, time management, scheduling, project costing, and budget management
  • resource planning, resource management, and procurement
  • risk analysis, dependencies, and decision analysis skills
  • presentation, communication, and negotiation skills
  • experience in Project Management
  • leadership and team building capabilities
  • conflict resolution, problem solving skills, and the ability to make sound decisions under stress
  • deliverables based management, a focus on the delivery of customer value, in the form of executing software that meets (or exceeds) the customer's needs.
Assignment Approaches

For smaller projects, a single person can act as project manager and also take on a development role, such as software architect. However, if at all possible, it is generally better for the project manager to avoid taking on development responsibilities, in order to ensure that time pressure on management responsibilities doesn't cause development tasks to suffer, and vice versa.

The project manager role can usually be combined successfully with other management-type roles, such as Change Control Manager, Deployment Manager, and Process Engineer.

The project manager may require support for tasks such as gathering project status information, generating metrics, and preparing reports. When staffing the project, consider including support staff to help with these tasks.

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