Tool Mentor: Reporting Review and Work Status Using Rational ClearQuest
The purpose of this tool mentor is to explain how to use Rational ClearQuest to review work status.
Tool: Rational ClearQuest
Main Description


ClearQuest makes it easy for users to specify in a query which kind of records to fetch from a ClearQuest database. If a user runs a query without defining any selection criteria (filters), ClearQuest lists all of the records in the database. Here are some examples of typical queries:

  • Implementers query for defects that are assigned to them to fix, and view the high priority ones at the top of the list.
  • Project managers query records by the date they were created to monitor the progress of testers.
  • Technical writers, when authoring release notes, query for unresolved records associated with a project.

ClearQuest runs the query, then displays a result set. A team member examines the result set grid and chooses which records to view, modify, or use as the basis for a report or chart.

There are two kinds of ClearQuest queries:

  • ClearQuest administrators create public queries for all users
  • A individual user can build and save private queries

helpbook icon See ClearQuest online Help > Contents and Index > Working with Queries.