Task: Create Integration Workspaces
This task describes how to create an Integration Workspace which is needed for integration.
Disciplines: Configuration & Change Management
  • Similar to the implementers' 'private workspace', where individuals can develop and change code in a contained area, is the notion of integration workspace. The integration workspace is where subsystem and system integrators convince themselves that separately developed and tested components can indeed work together as a product.
Main Description

Implementers develop implementation elements, in accordance with the project's defined Development Process. Deliver them from their development workspaces into the project's integrationWorkspace. Integrators combine the elements delivered to the integration workspace to produce a Build. When creating a new baseline, the integrator needs to "lock" the integration workspace to ensure that there is a static set of files, and that no new files are delivered by the developers.

There are two kinds of views that can be associated with the integration workspace, they are the dynamic view, and the static view.

Dynamic views provide immediate, transparent access to files and directories in the project repository. Snapshot views copy files and directories from the project repository onto the developer's local computer.

The integration view should be a dynamic view. This ensures that the integrator sees the latest version of files and directories delivered by the developers.

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