Artifact: Bill of Materials
This artifact lists the constituent parts of a given version of a product, and where the physical parts may be found. It describes the changes made in the version, and refers to how the product may be installed.
Work Product Kinds: Solution

The following people use the Bill of Materials:

  • The Deployment Manager, to ensure that all the required items are available for delivery to the customer.
  • The Graphic Artist refers to the Bill of Materials as a check-list to ensure that all the parts that go to make up the product packaging and branding are available.
  • Auditing, contracting and customer organizations can use the Bill of Materials to ensure that all items that go to make up the product can be accounted for.
Representation Options

Any Bill of Materials will need to describe the items described in the outline (above), and in the referenced work product templates. An organization may want to expand the table of contents. However, it is important to ensure that all the items called for in the Table of Contents can be found either by reference or by direct inclusion in the Bill of Materials document.