Task: Construct Business Architectural Proof-of-Concept
This task describes how to build a proof-of-concept in a business context based on the most significant requirements.
To synthesize at least one solution (which may simply be conceptual) that meets the critical architectural requirements
Decide on the Construction Approach

Select the techniques to be used for construction of the Business Architectural Proof-of-Concept, for example:

  • Conceptual modeling
  • Simulation
  • A Business Prototype


Construct Business Architectural Proof-of-Concept

Depending on what construction approach has been chosen, a set of techniques, tools and assets will be used in building the proof-of-concept. The business architect needs to take in consideration a number of factors:

  • Coverage: the architecturally significant requirements need to be addressed by the proof-of-concept, using as the main source the defined use-case realizations.
  • Risks: a subset of the previously identified risks have to be driving the scope of the proof-of-concept
  • Results: the resulting artifact should help the business architect and other stakeholders get a better understanding of the problem and solution spaces, and improve the decision process.
Multiple Occurrences
Event Driven