Role: Business Architect
This role is responsible for the overall Business Architecture, being involved in all the significant decisions regarding structure, main behavior and its realization, interfaces, constraints and trade-offs.
Main Description

The business architect has overall responsibility for the business architecture. This includes identifying and documenting the architecturally significant aspects of the business system that falls under the scope of the business modeling exercise.

The rationale for the main business design decisions have to be the result of finding the right balance between competing factors, including the concerns of various stakeholders, risks, constraints. The decisions need be agreed upon, validated and communicated to all the interested parties. 

Multiple Occurrences

A person acting in this role must be a good facilitator and have excellent communication skills. Knowledge of the business domain is essential for those acting in this role. The business architect needs to be familiar with the tools used to capture the business models and with the main technological aspects of potential solutions.

A business architect should be prepared to:

  • assess the situation of the target organization where the project's end-product will be deployed
  • understand customer and user requirements, their strategies, and their goals 
  • facilitate modeling of the target organization 
  • discuss and facilitate a business engineering effort, if needed 
  • understand the technical side of the solution set
  • take part in defining requirements on the resulting systems
Assignment Approaches

Consider assigning the Business Architect, Business-Process Analyst and Business Designer roles to the same person. These roles interact a lot, so it can be more efficient to have a single person responsible for all these roles.

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