Task: Maintain Business Rules
This task describes how to determine which business rules to consider for a project and how to define them.
Disciplines: Business Modeling
  • To determine what business rules to consider in the project.
  • To give the business rules detailed definitions.
Gather Sources

Determine what your sources are. Some business rules are imposed on you from laws and regulations, other might be company standards. Other business rules express the objectives of what the business modeling effort is to achieve. During the early parts of the project, it should be sufficient to identify these sources and determine the applicable types of business rules.

Express the Rules

Business rules can be expressed in document form, or captured directly in the Business Analysis Model (as Business Rule model elements). Ensure that your selected notation, formality and style match the intended audience so that business rules can be effectively communicated. For more on categories and styles for business rules, see the guidelines for Business Rules.

Evaluate Your Results

Check your results to verify that you have followed a consistent style when defining the rules and that they are not inconsistent in what they state. For help with this step, see the checklist associated with Artifact: Business Rules.